Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol Available Through Everett Ideal Weight Loss


Interested in learning more about the Ideal Protein weight loss protocol? We would love to setup a complimentary consult to teach you about the program.

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Everett Ideal Weight Loss Ideal Protein Keto Diet


Interested in learning more about the Ideal Protein weight loss protocol? We would love to setup a complimentary consult to teach you about the program.

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Introduction to our 3-phase medical weight loss program

Medically Designed Ketogenic Diet

Supervised Keto Diet

Nutritional ketosis is a safe and natural state of weight loss. When you consume fewer calories than your body burns, your body turns to stored fat to use for fuel. Allowing you to get into ketosis.

Low Carb

Our program uses a low carb approach to put your body in ketosis the fat burning natural state of weight loss. Carbohydrates are the body’s first choice to burn for energy. By lowering carb intake, we force the body to use stored fat and help you lose weight. 

Low Fat Keto Diet

Low Fat

Unlike other keto diets, the Ideal Protein program focuses on consuming low fat proteins and reducing overall fat intake. Making this a healthy low-fat program.

Protein Based

Adequate amounts or protein are used to spare muscle mass during the weight loss phase. Lean muscle is the engine that helps you lose weight and keep it off long term.

Weight Loss Reviews

Ideal Protein Keto Diet

“I wanted to get healthy for my family. Losing the 35 lbs has been the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.”*

Ideal Protein Diet

“I have had a great experience as a customer of the Ideal Protein Diet at the Everett Massage Clinic. It’s the first diet that made me feel normal about food and not obsessing while dieting!… I have lost 60 pounds and am working on the final 60. It has it’s up’s and downs, and is not easy at times, but it works!!! I would and have recommended this diet plan to others!”*

Serious Skeptic…at first

“Two years ago my colleagues started ideal protein and asked me to join. I declined as I believed this was just another fad diet. Two years later, and they all lost a ton of weight and kept it off. Now I’ve started. 12 days in, I think I’ve lost nearly 10 pounds. TEN POUNDS in 12 days…who knew this was possible. And now, I finally get the sugar thing. Thank you very much for the support.”*

Success at Last

“I have been working with Kim following the Ideal Protein protocol and I love the results I am seeing. I have tried other approaches without success and I am pleased to say that I am seeing the weight loss I was hoping for with Ideal Protein. Kim is sunny and quietly charismatic. She listens well and has helped me navigate the products in spite of my having a few food allergies. Thank You! to Kim and her crew.”*

My Ideal Protein Experience Thus Far

“I’ve been going [here] for my Ideal Protein meetings and I have loved each and every appointment I’ve gone to. Chelsea makes me feel loved and cared for every time I step into her office and she is always able to answer my questions and teach me new and interesting things about the process my body is going through. She is patient, happy, and energetic and has made this journey of mine a joy! I’m so thankful I found her and this place!”*

Ideal Protein Diet

“I am having a great experience getting started on along process to lose weight. I started in July and have lost almost ?50 pounds? (I’ll know for sure this next monday!) The Weight Loss coach is supportive and knowledgeable, with a great personality that makes you feel welcome each time. Thanks!”*

Keeping me in check

“I have all I need and a positive helpful coach. I am ready to see the changes and help myself to make better choices with food. I love the weigh in and measurement accountability!”*

Ideal Protein and Coach

“[this] facility was very inviting. It had a clean and calming atmosphere. Chelsea’s office was private, which was very nice. Best of all was Chelsea!! She is very well informed about the Ideal Protein diet. She answered all my questions and really knows what she is doing. I was completely impressed and energized. Thank you Chelsea for being the best!”*

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Ideal Protein Virtual Coaching Now Available

Ideal Weight Loss Everett now offers virtual coaching for clients who are too busy to come in and see us in person. First you will meet virtually with our coach to go over Ideal Protein’s 3 phase weight loss plan, your health history, and answer any questions you have about the program. Once you are ready to start on your weight loss journey, we will send you your startup kit.

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Ideal Weight Loss Everett Workshops

Sign up for our workshop to learn about our weight loss program and how we can help you lose weight and keep it off with our 3 phase weight loss system. Choose the day and time that works best for you for our one-on-one workshop!

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We do not charge transfer fees for clients who have previously been on Ideal Protein or another similar weight loss program. Please let us know if you are transferring.

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