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Ideal Protein Weight Loss Everett

Can I just come in and learn about the ideal weight loss program?

Yes, we would be happy to sit down with you and talk about the program. We want to make sure the Ideal Protein program is right for you. You can feel free to schedule online and choose learn about ideal protein or simply call to schedule your appointment.

Free learn about the program

What is the cost of the ideal weight loss program?

The initial cost is $349 which includes the cost of one week of food including an extra 6 meals, all consultation appointment fees, your first bottle of required supplements and shaker bottle. After the first week you can expect to spend $90-120 on food and supplements a week.
Cost of Ideal Weight Loss

What do the initial fees cover?

The initial fees cover your first week of food, supplements for about the first month, shaker bottle, weekly consultations and body composition analysis for your entire time on the program with our clinic.

Initial Fees

I need to restart the weight loss  program. Do I have to pay the intial fee again?

No. Once you pay the initial fee you are a dieter of ours for life. If you reach your weight goal and need to come in for a tune up in the future you just need to pay for the foods, supplies and supplements you need.

Restart Ideal Protein

I have done the program before and would like to transfer to your clinic. What are the fees to transfer?

If you have been doing the protein diet through another clinic and would like to transfer we would be happy to help you. We will need a new health intake and will confirm your previous participation. After that you will just pay for the foods, supplements and supplies you will need.
Transfer to your office

Is this a high protein diet?

This is not a high protein diet rather, a low carbohydrate diet allowing your body to utilize fat as the source of energy. *We work to provide the necessary amount of protein needed to spare lean muscle mass while losing fat.

High Protein Diet